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READ: Kay Morris online seminar with TKC GLobal

written by Olusany mujeedat olaide.
On June 27th exactly a month after The Kingdom community aka TKC Global, hosted British music promoter and Blogger Ruthie Allen, another amazing woman of God and significant of Grace, Dr. Kay Morris was invited over.She started exactly 10:08pm she opens the session with a voicenote, greeting the family and also expressing her excitement in been over, and also a peek to what the night will be like.
The entire segment lasted for 2 hours 46 minutes, as her last message for the night came in at exactly 12:53 a.m on the 28th of June.

The segment was divided into 3 sessions....
*The interviews
*The talk
And also.....
*The question and answer.

Dr. Kay morris is a PK (pastor's kid), a Jamaica born, was raised by two pentecostal parent in the island of Jamaica, she's a Canadian citizen, staying in Toronto, she's also a mother of 3, two girls and a boy, also a grandmother to 4 awesome children.
Dr. Kay morris is an Ordained Reverend, Assistant Pastor at Light and Life Ministries and Global Humanitarian.she's an Anointed Psalmist/singer/songwriter- multi-award winning International Reggae Gospel Hall Of Famer inducted in New York City November 2010. 
To-date she have received more than 50 Gospel music and Humanitarian awards worldwide including Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award and Nelson Mandela Memorial Awards. On July 27th, 2019 she will be receiving the United Nations (ECOSOC) World Excellence Sustainable Development Achievement Award (W.E.S.D.A.A) to God be the glory. And a lot more evidence to her success story as the list go on and on.
The first session, kicks up exactly 10:35, with a question from the host: Sammy Sas, as he asked her what age did she encounter Jesus Christ as her Lord and personal savior?, and she replied 11, while her baptism took place when she was 12. She later state on how she backslide as a teenager and later got back to the place of brokenness. 
And she was asked many more questions like:

* why and when did you decided to be a Gospel musician?
*With your experience so far what do you think is the major challenge affecting the Gospel industry?
*What is the way out of depression?
*Apart from Jesus Christ,who is your favourite character in the bible and why?
*Whats your favourite Bible verse?
*what's your advice to the TKC GLobal family?
which she said is, "My advice is that the TKC family is that you continue to support each other’s Ministries on this great platform; it is a great international forum/outlet for your music and ministry to grow. Continue to embrace each other and work together in a spirit of unity because Gospel music is NOT about competition it’s about Kingdom Building. We are all unique in our various talents and giftings so let us continue to use our wisdom and knowledge as positive building tools to encourage, support, educate, empower and enhance the Kingdom of God because he gets the glory. 

Whenever we demonstrate love and embrace each others uniqueness in ministry it pleases God because technically we have confidence in ourselves, we know who we are because as Christians we don’t have any identity crisis. 
As a Mentor my advise to the TKC Family is that whatever genres/styles of Gospel music you are working in, make it be about ministry and NOT entertainment; keep Jesus as your Primary focus in your lyrical message. It is very important that as Gospel Artists, Musicians, Writers, the lyrical content of your music must be Christ Cantered. If you are singing Gospel then the message in your song should be about God; no one should be trying to figure out who and what you are singing about." 

As the interview segment was wrapped up, while she moves to the next segment at 12:10pm.
Where she talked about music and mentorship, and she gives advice on branding and packaging, and also where mentorship is needed and how its helps grow.
And the floor was later open to the question and answer session, as each member was given the oppurtunity to ask question or clarify a point. As the session came to end at exactly 1:26am with the last message from  Ruthie Allen "Well done Sammy in Hosting an amazing interview. You both did amazing. 
God bless you both"

It was an amazing session with Dr Kay Morris, as she offers her words of wisdom and comfort to every member.

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