Download Music + Video: Okaka Reloaded - The Xplicits Gospel Crew (Nig) Ft Sicelo Moya (SA). [Prod by Tobass || @thexplicits - 9JAGOSPELPLAY.COM

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Download Music + Video: Okaka Reloaded - The Xplicits Gospel Crew (Nig) Ft Sicelo Moya (SA). [Prod by Tobass || @thexplicits


Okaka Reloaded - The Xplicits Gospel Crew (Nig) Ft Sicelo Moya (SA).

The Xplicits Gospel Crew is a Gospel group of talented, gifted, graceful and resourceful Music Ministers (artistes)  from different states in Nigeria based in the FCT, coming in unity to spread the message Love and worship of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The vision "Xplicits" was birthed in the place of prayers some years ago in the cold city of Jos. It is beyond a singing group. It is an assignment given to us by God and not by any man, it is beyond just singing.
The Xplicits Gospel crew came to full flash in may 2016 with five (5) members, but today The Xplicits Gospel crew is made up of Nine (9) members of which five (5) are happily married.

The  Xplicits is a registered gospel group with CAC as "The Xplicits Gospel Crew".

The group have recorded over 100 songs and have released 5 songs including an EP album which is available on online stores, shot 2 videos,
1. Oduwe in Igala dialect meaning "Your Name Is Wonderful".
2. Okaka in Igbo dialect meaning "Greater Than The Greatest".
Currently, TXGC runs a series called "THE XPLICITS WORSHIP FESTIVAL" It is a campus tour to promote peace and Unity through the instrument of music by bringing young people together under one roof to worship God and preach salvation to them thereby making them know the purpose of existence on earth and teaching them the massege of peace, living a drug free life and staying away from sin.
TXGC also carry out outreach programs to the prisons, Internally displaced persons camp( IDP) Orphanages, Widows and schools, to share God's word, letting them know that with God there is a better tomorrow ahead.

TXGC have also featured some Nigeria and International artistes from South Africa, USA, Tanzania, Ghana, London and Uganda which will be coming on the album Project soon.

Watch Video Below: 

The Xplicits own:-
1- A Record label.
2- The Xplicits Orphans & Widows Network.
3- The Xplicits Music School.                                                      
4-The Xplicits Gardens &Estate
5- Dance & Drama Crew;
all under the label and currently working with youths across the country.

It's yet another powerful International collaboration from the stables of THE XPLICITS GOSPEL CREW the xplicits gospel crew With your favorite song 'OKAKA' Reloaded featuring South Africa's award winning gospel  minister Sicelo moya.

Audio produced by  Tobass Adolphus. 

Video Dir. Shalom Chiki Films 

They own the Onevoice in Worship & Testimony and I'AMAVAILABLE Worship Concert.
They are called 
"The Xplicits" which means “Make My Worship simple”… 
The Xplicits Gospel Label is in Partnership with Tobass Records. 
A music production outfit of Tobass Adolphus.
The Xplicits is also carrying out community development programs through their music and art to re-orientate, promote peaceful co-existence and stability amongst African Youths at large. 
The journey this three (3) years has been amazing but not with out challenges. we believe with God who has given us this assignment all things are made possible through him and by him.

Facebook:- The Xplicits Group
Instagram:- @xplicits_crew & 
Twitter:- @thexplicits
YouTube :- Thexplicitscrew

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